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Cosmetics And Gluten-Free

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I understand there is a fair bit of controvery over the subject...but I'm having a serious issue.

I'm starting cosmetics school this summer. I emailed the coordinator about the kit we are required to purchase. I'm waiting to hear back on the gluten status of the products inside. I am hoping I can just replace/supplement the kit with a few things if some of them have gluten in them...but if all the items have gluten I may have to bring a model to class every day which would be just about impossible!

So, in the event that more than just one or two items contain gluten would it be possible to have the makeup put on me anyways, and I would remove it as soon as possible? How much of a concern do you think that would be? I am not the most sensitive person to gluten, but daily exposure...I might be a little worried. Even though I have not had any topical reactions yet.

I'm just starting to get better, and I would hate to ruin any progress I'm making.

Does anyone even have an idea of how often gluten is in cosmetics? Like most products, only a few, only a certain item...etc?

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