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Can Anyone Help Me Understand Ttg?

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I had a celiac panel done and the tTg came back as 5 with a reference range of <20. I have many celiac symptoms and a normal IgA serum. my question is how is it that the presence of tTg antibodies can be considered normal since these are the anti-tissue antibodies that destroy tissue in the intestine. does the fact that they are >0 have any significance? am I correct in thinking that normal people with no intestinal damage should not have these antibodies? thanks in advance for any responses.

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The tTg test is good, but not perfect. It will show some response to things other than the antibodies associated with celiac disease. That is why there is a "normal" range that goes beyond zero.

By itself, the low tTg does not necessarily rule out celiac disease. It is common for celiacs to have immune systems that are deficient. A total serum iGa test must be used in conjunction with the tTg test to validate the tTg result.

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