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Stress Related Symptoms?

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Yesterday around lunchtime I started having the worst celiac symptoms - worse than accidentally ingesting gluten (I have been gluten-free for almost 2 years). So I go back to my food log (I keep one for caloric purposes - and for just in case I start feeling sick). There is nothing on my list that puts up any red flags.

I have read that severe stress can trigger symptoms. Well... I have had some pretty severe stress the last few weeks (death in the family, job problems).

My question is: has anyone ever had this before? Do the symptoms seem overly severe (mine are REALLY BAD)? Any advice??

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we recently dealt with a death in our family so i know what stress can do to you even if you don't have celiac. family members that do not have celiac seemed to have physical ailments from the emotional stress of losing a loved one. (sorry to hear you lost someone). i hope you feel better.

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