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Cross Contamination In Kitchen

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Hello all,

Mu 6yr old was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. So we are recent to the non gluten "eating lifestyle". I have 1 child so the changes in food have been fairly easy. We have 1 shelf and 1 drawer with Gluten items for the Mr and I. The only thing in the frig with gluten is a dedicated drawer. I bought a new toaster and knife block. I thoroughly cleaned out the cabinets, shelves and drawers. Wiped out and/or vacuumed away crumbs, then soap and water washed everything. I still use my same hand mixer and processor but cleaned them really well. I also put a cover on my silverware holder to prevent crumbs from falling into it.

Did I miss anything ?

Can I still use a sponge for dishes or wiping up the counter? I dishwasher my sponge 2x a week and microwave it to kill bacteria 1x a week, is that good enough?

Are hand towels ok, since I still eat gluten myself ?

I noticed I am going through 3x as many paper towels wiping down the counters etc... but still use the sponge and hand towel for things.

Any other thoughts, I was told by the dietician to not become OCD about it but I wonder how it is really working, out in the real world?


Here's a point of interest for all of you who went so long without a diagnosis from your doctor. Our Pediatrician (who did not diagnose my daughter , the GI specialist we insisted on seeing did) called to see how our girl was doing and mentioned she is having her own child tested now because of similar symptoms. Just goes to show you how little the medical field has a handle on the disease.

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Maybe these would be helpful;


I am kind of messy and busy so find it's easier to keep gluten out of the kitchen altogether for me than to deal with crumbs. (eg The phone rings when you are cutting a bagel and then it's your mother-in-law who needs you to look something up for her and then your baby needs her diaper changed and then I've left the bagel out and forgotten all about it and it is still sitting there.)

I thought this had some useful information here too:


Also any gluten free cookbook I have seen has a chapter on setting up your kitchen.

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