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Grapple - Grape Flavored Apples

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The other day I picked up a little container of 'Grapple' apples; grape flavored apples. I had no idea 'Grapples' were anything but a new variety of apples to hit the market, just like 'Pink Ladies' or 'Ambrosia' and a few others have in recent years. I ate a couple of them, they were quite tasty and I rather enjoyed them. Didn't seem to have any problem with them. Then my husband noticed that the label on the plastic container had an ingredient list. Apples have ingredients? Who would think to check that?

On the website www.grapplefruits.com/ they say that the ingredients "primarily includes concentrated grape flavor and pure water" and Fuji or Gala apples. They do say that there is no gluten in the product though. Phew! But I guess this is a caution to me to read the label if the product is in a container!

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