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Commercial Gluten Free Rice Pastas

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Hi there, I don't mean to clog the forum with my pasta posts, but this will be the last one

I have been buyin rizopia rice pasta for many years and recently been trying tinkyada pasta.

I noticed this year that their pastas have become a lot thicker and jelly like. The pasta when i used to cook it usually turned out kind of mushy but thats the way i liked it. Now most of the gluten free rice pasta to me taste like jelly. I'm wondering if its possible that they use xanthan or guar gum as their binding agents. I read that those are the two main ingredients that places use as their gluten replacements. I contacted a rep from one of the rice pasta companies and they told me they only use whats listed on the package. But i'm wondering though how can they possibly make such tough pasta from simply rice and water? I'm currently on a mission to find me some quality angel hair pasta.

I'm also close to starting on making my own rice pasta like they do at tinkyada ect because if all they use is rice and water then it can't be that complicated to make..i searched recipes on the internet but all online recipes that i've found require xanthan gum and eggs.what gives

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