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Moving To Holland/just Found Out About My Gluten Allergy

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I am moving to Holland in July and I just found out about my allergy to gluten, yesterday.

I am so scared and a bit sad at the same time. I know I will feel better but I LOVE FOOD and am scared I wont be able to partake in a lot of my favorite meals! Im mostly worried about moving to Holland because my boyfriends father is helping us out and I dont want to be a nusance to him with needing to eat different foods from them. Has anyone experienced things like this? Not to mention, Im not accustomed to shopping in Holland, let alone shopping in Holland for gluten free (its hard doing so in US, but im sure it will get easier.) Any help would be welcome. Other than that...Thanks for letting me rant. =)

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I visited The Netherlands in March; my wife and I stayed in a vacation apartment in Scheveningen, near The Hague. We found gluten-free pastas, cereals, baking mixes, etc. in a Reformhuis nearby. (A Reformhuis is a health food store.) We also did a lot of shopping in the local Albert Heijn grocery store. It seems that all of the food products are labeled regarding their gluten content, so it is easy to determine which are gluten-free. (Gluten in Dutch is "Gluten".)

We did not eat out, but you can find information about restaurants at this link:


Good luck!


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Good news is that in every part of Holland, almost everybody speak english, so it won't be a problem to ask anyone for advise.

In restaurants you won't have any troble being understood, however the best would be to talk directly with the cook.

Maybe the link below will help a littel bit:


IMO Indian and Thai restaurants don't usually provide gluten meals. There's a lot of them.

If, what seems to be unlikely, waiters and cooks don't speak english, you may print and show the gluten-free requirements:

In verband met gezondheids probleem, dat berust op, dat mijn organisme verteert geen eiwitten (gluten) die komen v

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