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Update- Feeling Much Better!

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with all the newly-diagnosed or recovery people that it does get better.

I posted a few things on this board a couple months ago when I was going through horrible withdrawal symptoms.

I am a fibro sufferer, and had gotten to the point where I was having major trouble sleeping and my back and joints hurt all of the time. My step mother had wonderful results going gluten free that has helped her nueropathy, so I decided to try it. I didn't get diagnosed by a doctor first because I was worried about having a pre-existing condition.

Well, a few days after going gluten-free I felt AMAZING, tons of energy, no brain fog, it was wonderful. Then BAM, withdrawal hit, and I was sidelined to the couch for several days. Then I had bad days on and off for about a month and a half. A lot of the time it was just a lack of energy, I always felt like I needed a nap by mid day.

Also, I started reading about nightshade foods and their effect on joint pain, so I cut those out. I also suspected, because of my intestinal reactions to things, that I had other food sensitivities as well. I tried diving into rice pasta and gluten-free cookies and such, but they all made me really bloated and sluggish feeling. So I've cut out most grains and am sticking to a very simple, mostly raw diet. I was already Vegan, so no dairy was in the mix, and I'm lactose intolerant anyway, so not a big deal. I recently started eating eggs again, however, because my body seemed to want more protein (I suspect because gluten protein used to be a big chunk of my diet).

My diet mostly consists of raw fruits and veggies (sometimes steamed or baked), homemade stews, beans, raw nuts, stir fries w/ tofu or tempeh, eggs, a little bit of Follow Your Heart vegan cheese on things sometimes, and I always have a smoothie in the morning with soy yogurt, hemp protien powder, almond milk, and fruits.

It's a limiting diet, I really really miss my spicy curries and potatoes, but geeze, it's so worth it to finally feel better! Also, I highly recommend Kombucha tea to you all, it's full of probiotics, and it makes me feel amazing when I drink it.

A couple times I've tested out the nightshade sensitivity and ate a little bit of bell pepper or jalepeno, and without fail, the next day I feel sore all over, tired and achy. :( As a substitute I bake sweetpotato fries and eat those for my french fry fix, and I put lots of ginger on things to make them a little spicy-ish.

Overall, I feel lots better, I can sit-up in my college classes without my back spasming, I'm not tossing and turning in bed trying to find a spot where my body doesn't hurt, my brain is less foggy, my mood is brighter, and I don't get as much nausea. I'm not 100%, but I feel like I'm at least at 80%, and that's amazing!

So there is hope out there for people who are still suffering! Stick with it!

Also, I had a question for people who have been in recovery for awhile and had/have other food sensitivities:

Were you eventually able to eat some of your trigger foods after your gut healed?

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