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Shopping Today Question

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I was going to buy tuna at the store, the white tuna in water..read the label and stated had vegetable broth in it! I didn't buy any, but I could have swore I saw someone recommend tuna to have on hand. Also, chicken breast I purchased for grilling..states it has chicken broth in it. How can I be sure these broths do not contain MSG?

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The veg broth in the tuna is likely soy. I have yet to find a plain tuna that has gluten. I don't do soy so I go with Starkist in the gold can, just tuna and water and nothing else.

As far as the chicken in a broth, that I would call the company and check to make sure it is gluten free to be on the safe side.

As far as MSG goes I think the tuna in just water would be safe to assume has no MSG. The chicken if you have doubts call the maker and ask. Just a note, MSG is gluten free, not great for you but gluten-free.

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