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I have been gluten-free since January of this year, but what led me to the GI dr is severe abdominal pain in my right side. My dr has done many many tests and has not found a reason for the pain, and has referred me to the University of Iowa for another opinion. Today I was doing some research online and came accross CANDIDA that I had read about a few times on here, but knew nothing about it.

As I have said they have done multiple tests including tons of labs and a Breathe Test looking for bacterial overgrowth (which came back negative) Is the testing for Cadida something that may have been done already? Also is there something I can do at home to try and treat it and see if it shows some relief?

Thanks for your help!!!

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I used a Candida Diet I found online for a while and that helped. Now I'm using Kroeger's Candida Formula #2 and it is helping more. The pain in my opinion might be from trapped gas, intestinal cramping, gall stones although the pain is usually higher up on the right side, cramped iliac valve, partial blockage or irritation due to parasites. If you massage your abdomen, gently but firmly, and the gas moves along or the iliac valve relaxes that will help. Herbal parasite preparations are available online and many Celiacs do gall bladder/liver flushes to clear stones out the gall bladder. There is a Liver Flush Support Forum and a Parasite Forum at CureZone.

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