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Celebrate May For Celiac Awarness

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The competition for attention to various diseases in May is extraordinary. No wonder so many people still have never heard of celiac disease ! In a web search in only 3 sites, I identified no less than 19 diseases who want attention in May. Many of them are better known and better funded for research such as cancer, MS, and arthritis to mention a few. But we in the celiac disease community have something they do not, a VIDEO that is posted on YouTube and ready to raise awareness starting May 1.

Our local San Diego Celiac Support Group created this video for the purpose of getting the message out. It has no viruses or commercials. We encourage and support the use and distribution of this video.

Our request is to pass the link on and have as many people as possible view it. Reaching the 3 million people who have celiac disease but do not know it is an awesome task. We are going to find some of them through this effort. Please help.

Thanks, Germaine

Please pass this around ,wherever you go.....Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month.

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