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Please help me get this straight...

My antibody test results are as follows:

Gliadin (deamidated) Ab, IgA, S 2.4

Gliadin (deamidated) Ab, IgG, s <1.0

Tissue Transglutaminase Ab, IgA, S <1.2

Tissue Transglutaminase Ab, IgG <1.2

Based on these results, my Dr. said I was negative for celiac. I followed up with genetic testing. The results are as follows:

DQ2 (DQA1 0501/0505, DQB1 02 Positive

DQ8 (DQA1 03XX, DQB1 0302) Positive

Final Results:

DQA1* 0301,0501

DQB1* 0201, 0302

Based on these results, my doctor said I DO have celiac... I am not a doctor and I don't claim to know more than she does, but I thought you needed a biopsy to diagnose celiac. I do know that you can have a false neg. antibody test if you are IgA deficient...but I don't know what to look for. Is there something in these results that indicate a diagnosis of Celiac without having a biopsy?

FYI... about 3 months ago my son tested pos for antibodies... she said they were low, so... he isn't celiac. Further testing (biopsy) confirmed a celiac diagnosis. This was after I insisted on seeing a GI specialist.

Should I also see a GI specialist for a biopsy...or just go by the genetic testing...

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False negatives on the blood work are common, but false postives are quite rare. The biopsy, if positive, would confirm damage to the villi. The chances are very high that you have celiac disease, even if a biopsy is done and fails to find damage. Those antibodies are in your system, attacking your body.

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