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Hi all!

I have been "diagnosed" almost 2 months ago...actually no firm diagnosis.

My GP was not knowledgeable enough about celiac disease to test me for anything else than TTG antibodies I believe, which came back neg.

In the mean time, he told me to go gluten-free and see.

He was wise enough though, to tell me I probably am "intolerant, sensitive" or whatever I wanna call it, and since I feel clearly better, I should definitely stay off gluten.

So I am a happy gluten-free girl, except I don't really have a "gold" biopsy diagnosis -though I really can't imagine going back to the misery of gluten to get a biopsy, that could also come back neg.

Now, looking back, I am wondering if all my skins problems could be related. I always had a sensitive/ reactive skin, that progressively got much worse when the digestive symptoms arrived and worsened. Docs have always had a vague explanation (sensitive skin, stress, acne due to IUD, dyshidrosis, dermatitis/ allergic reaction of unknown origin etc.) >>could some of this be DH??!! (I am thinking of the itchy rashes on my hairline & face, mostly)

So I am thinking, I could go to a dermatologist, now that I know I have a problem with gluten...but I guess it is hard to find one who knows more than me about gluten, as usual?

I also don't know if it can be diagnosed after going gluten-free, but it seems to take longer to disappear than the digestive symptoms (although it is better now that I am gluten-free)

So if anyone knows where I can find a knowledgeable dermatologist in the Salt Lake area...any advice will be greatly appreciated!!




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