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My son is still pretty tired and was diagnosed 2 months ago. I imagine that it will still take some time, but the dietician wanted his thyroid checked and asked that his PCP order it. (this for mood swings too)

The PCP stated that his levels were normal in Jan (pre-diagnosis) and didn't need new tests.

I am wondering if his thyroid test could be inaccurate because of the celiac? would that make his number negative when they are actually positive? should I push new tests or will they most likely show the same thing?


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Thyroid shouldn't go from normal to abnormal because of a gluten-free diet. The reverse does happen, where low thyroid becomes closer to normal as more iodine is absorbed and autoimmunity decreases.

Has your dietitian addressed the possibility of other food intolerances or hypoglycemia? It could also be a matter of a little more time off gluten. My stomach felt better right away, but the fatigue took a few months gluten-free.

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