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Baby With Celiac?

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I'm finding very little information on babies with Celiac.

At my son's nine month old check-up, his pediatrician recommended a celiac blood test as well as some allergy testing due to him not gaining weight. The celiac results were

IgA 31 (reference 16-83)

TTG A 0 (reference 0-19)

Giladin IgG 48 (20 or greater is positive)

Gliadin IgA 43 (20 or greater is positive)

I'm confused because the TTG is negative, but the Gliadin ones are both positive (or am I reading things wrong?) We have an appointment with a pediatric GI next week (he's now almost a year old). The pediatrician insisted eight weeks ago when the test results came back that he and I remain gluten free (I'm nursing him) and while I've not given him any gluten intentionally, I haven't been 100%.

Any thoughts?

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until you are diagnosed, you need to stay on gluten unfortunately. if you remove it then it will skew results if they do any other testing. (false negatives)

All I know regarding children is that if they are under 3 or 4, that blood tests (negative moreso) are not very accurate.

it is good that you are going to a pediatric gi.

I am not good w/ labs so I will leave that to someone else

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When my daughter was diagnosed we were told to buy Danna Korn's book, Kid's with Celiac. Some things might be out-dated by now, but it does explain testing results. It really did give some insight to the social changes of the gluten free diet. There are many branches of R.O.C.K (Raising our Celiac kids).

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