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What Tests Should I Ask For At My Follow - Up Appointment?

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I was hoping that some of you could give me some suggestions about what I should talk with my Doctors about at my appointments tomorrow.

I have an appointment with my neurologist and with my GI doctor.

So far, to my knowledge, I haven't had any vitamin deficiency tests, which after reading several places, this forum being one, I wonder why my doctors haven't suggested it yet.

My GI doc sent me to the neurologist because I have been having many neurological symptoms, including horrible migraines and some other stuff that is kind of scary (I won't try to list everything at this time - I'm not sure I can even remember it all in one sitting :rolleyes: ). I have only seen the neuro once and am having my second appointment with him tormorrow. He ordered an MRI last time and some blood work along with some kind of nerve test, but I don't think any of it had anything to do with vitamin deficiency's. Now that I have read a bit more about the deficiencies that are likely to develop from having Celiac I am a little annoyed that my doctors haven't mentioned it. Especially since I have seen so little improvement since my diagnoses that was over six months ago - even though I have cut out a whole host of different foods and am down to only eating carrots! (okay so that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one :P )

So, what do you guys think? Are there some basic tests that should have been run right off the bat, or some that would be called for now that I'm not showing too much improvement?

Thanks for any suggestions. I really appreciate your time in reading this. I'm really discouraged and feel like I'm at the end of my rope, so any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.

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A little update, in case anyone is interested.

I saw my neurologist yesterday and all the tests i had came back okay. (I had an MRI, nerve testing and some blood work for other various diseases) The test for lupus came back "borderline", but the doc told me that it fell withing normal ranges, so it was nothing to worry about - whatever that means :huh:.

I talked with him about taking Tyramine out of my diet for the migraines that I have been having and also I asked about having vitamin levels tested - especially B12. He conceded and ordered B12, Folate, Methylmalonic Acid, and vitamin A level. He also gave me a list of foods that contain tyramine and said that would be okay to try taking that out of my diet for now and see what happens.

In the afternoon I visited my GI and it was the most encouraging appointment I have had in years. I ended up seeing the physicians assistant that works with my doctor and she was so wonderful to work with. I told her how I have not felt much better since the diagnoses and diet change and asked about the vitamin levels thing and she agreed that especially the B12 and vitamin D would be good to check for with the symptoms that I am having. She also just encouraged me that I have to give it more time. I have a baby that is less than a year old and is nursing and that alone really takes a lot of energy then add on top that I have Celiac and a weak immune system and just had surgery in February (which she told me I shouldn't expect to be recovered from for 6 months to a year even if I didn't have any of the other factors).

Anyway, I am hopeful that the vitamin levels will turn out to be some thing that helps - especially with the extreme feelings that suddenly show up, and all the stress that I constantly feel.

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