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Too Good To Be True?

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In 2000 (at the age of 48, I had an accident and had a long surgery on my foot, unknown to me my body went through changes, after 2 years of non recovery I found I was gluten intolerant. Last week I discovered the most amazing "Gluten free bread". I had sandwiches and toast and grilled cheese, I have been suffering with unbearable pain in my shoulders since about the second day of eating this bread (UDI's Brand). I have even noticed that if I make my own gluten-free bread the same thing can happen. Could there be a secondary intolerance or could there be a problem with labeling? Is there any hope of getting back to my normal life with gluten?

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personal experience, i'm also allergic to yeast.... :( so i have yet to find a bread that i'm ok w/

  • is the company GLUTEN FREE as a company? or could there be cross contamination from the factory?
  • is there soy in it? many people w/ gluten sensitivities are also sensitive to soy

  • when you make your own bread, are you using 100% non-contaminated materials? (a bread machine that was NEVER used to make bread prior to going gluten-free? new bread pans if you are making it in a regular oven?)

  • when you cut the bread are you using a wooden cutting board? wood is the HARDEST to decontaminate once it has been "glutened." if so, this could be your source of cross contamination

  • is there gluten cross contamination w/ the condiments or toppings? if you are not the only person in your home could someone be "double dipping" a knife or spoon into the mayo, mustard, butter, jelly, etc...?
  • are the toppings gluten free? check the labels on the cheeses, the jams, the peanut butter, the butter even. many of these have gluten byproducts in them that could cause the issue

i hope this helps. i know it's a long frustrating road, but know you are NOT alone.

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