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Enterolab Testing

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Long story short, my 3 year old continues to have many symptoms of celiac disease. We took her back to the pedi for a follow up appt, primarily for lack of weight gain or any height growth. (Staying at 27 lbs for over 6 months; now below 10th percentile for weight and below 3rd for height, which is suddenly abnormal for her/off her "growth curve"). The pedi agreed to run a "celiac test", but only ran a serum IgA, nothing else, which came back normal. While she still has the symptoms, she is not acutely ill most of the time, so I am just watching her and will take her back if she becomes in need of intervention right away.

If I decided to contact Enterolab and do the stool testing myself, how much does it cost? Has anyone done it? We have insurance, but I'm not sure if they would cover it if I did it without my physician ordering it/recommendation?? Looking for some input about this test.



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I'm on their website as we speak, trying to figure out which tests to order for my daughter. The stool test costs $99, and things go up from there. The website is here--they are pretty good about answering questions there. Good luck!

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