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Doctor In Newport, Ri?

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I've been sent to see Dr. Pianka in Newport, RI... Well his office is in Portsmouth I think... I was curious if anyone on the board had been to see him and what their experience was like...

Lilbit, see my private message to you :)

I don't know this guy but I hope you have a good experience.


Long history of IBS, and stomach/intestinal problems. Low on iron for all of my life.

Low on energy, with aches and pains in my joints and in my whole body for as long as I can remember.

Mostly lactose intolerant for all of my life (except for yoghurt)

Diagnosed in 2003 by naturapath as wheat intolerant. Tried it then fell of the wagon. In Feb. 2010 tried going gluten-free.

Went back to the poison in March, 2010.

Tested negative for celiac in April, 2010 (based on negative biopsy and normal tTG test). IgA tested 30-40 percent higher than normal.

Not going to fight the diagnosis because I refuse to go back to the poison. Happily gluten-free for health reasons as of April 2010, and not looking back.

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