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Scott Adams

101 Parents Responded: Autism & Gut Issues Go Hand in Hand, Diet Helps - Age of Autism (blog)

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Seven Sided Cube

101 Parents Responded: Autism & Gut Issues Go Hand in Hand, Diet Helps

Age of Autism (blog)

His eventual diagnoses was Celiac Sprue (gluten allergy). For the last 3 years the only thing we could get Ryan to eat was peanut butter and jelly on honey ...

Milk, wheat-free diet may not help autism: US study Reuters

No link between popular autism diet, behavioral improvement Pediatric SuperSite

Special diet doesn't help kids with autism in small study USA Today


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The celebrity spokespeople for the Big Pharma industry have been doing a lot of pushback in the media lately against the idea that diet change affects the health of anyone, let alone these poor autistic children whose parents were smart enough to listen to their "gut" instincts.

The link to the Statesmen article

No proof that eliminating gluten,casein from diets of autistic children is effective


about the so called "study" at the University of Texas was particularly enlightening.

This "researcher" as one of the comments pointed out, is not a medical doctor but a behavioral (aka psychology) student who reviewed a bunch of existing studies. Keep in mind this is the same sort of person who thinks all toilet training problems can be attributed to a neurotic parent - child relationships.

"As I reviewed the research, I developed the theory; the diet doesn't have anything to do with autism," Mulloy said in an interview. "

Something does not exist, he reviewed the current papers which say it does not exist, therefore, it does not exist.

Mercifully the director of nutrition clinic, Kelly Barnhill, at an autism clinic in Austin, Texas, "Thoughtful House," said that the clinic's experience with over 2,000 patients showed that

"... has been that a high percentage of children with autism have significant improvement in behaviors, GI function, and overall health as a direct result of this nutritionally sound, safe, and affordable intervention when done with appropriate professional supervision."

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