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Is This A New Bread?

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Hi all,

I was at a health food store Saturday picking up some cooking stuff and they had a bread sample they were giving out. It was Udi's White sandwich bread. I have never seen or heard of this before. But then again we have only been gluten free for 6 weeks. Anyways my 6 yr old loved it. I honestly could make a PB&J with it with out having to toast it. It even had air holes in it like Wheat bread.

I am sad that after only 6 weeks of Gluten free I am this Jazzed up about a bread, my empathy goes out to all you long term Celiacs.

Anyways, Is this new to market or new to me?

Anyone know which stores sells it ( In Ma.)? The market I was in will probably be ordering it for there shelves but it will take a while.


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We love Udi's! And no, it's not new. Check around the site and you'll see plenty of us love this bread too. And there is nothing wrong with being jazzed up about a new food. I think Udi's is way better than any other sandwich bread I've ever had. :) And it's ALL MINE! Hubby can't have it. ;) He can have that gluten-y crap.

Udi's is sold online, and you can go to their website and see where else it is sold. If you have a whole foods market near you, they probably have it. We just got it at our local health food store. You may want to ask at your local health food store and see if they'll get it in on a promo. Then advertise it for them to your local celiac community and you'll be surprised how much it gets bought! Next month, my local store is bringing in the pizza crusts and muffins. Yum!

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