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My gluten-free Product Trial And Error Results

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Hey all! I am a newbie to the gluten-free lifestyle and wanted to share my gluten-free product trial and error results with you (it gets rather expensive, so I figured I might as well let someone else benefit from my mistakes and discoveries...lol). I will list some of my fave products, some of my least fave and anything in between. Feel free to list your recommendations to me as well so we can avoid purchasing the less tasty items....lol.

Favorites and mediocres (so far) (all certified and/or labeled gluten-free)

French Meadow Bakery gluten-free products...awesomely good (www.frenchmeadow.com)! :wub:

Schar white bread toasted only!

Chebe brand bread dough mixes (www.chebe.com)....super good!

Glutino brand snack products (www.glutino.com): pretzels, lemon wafers and chocolate wafers are very good (but rather expensive)!

Food for Life gluten-free English Muffins are ok, but not something I liked as much as other products

Eckrich Beef Bologna (labeled gluten free and my local grocer's deli cuts it on a gluten free slicer)

Wilson brand Turkey Pepperoni

Hormel Turkey Pepperoni (I make awesome pepperoni rolls from this along with the Chebe bread dough and basil pesto sauce!)

Thai Kitchen products made with rice noodles and labeled gluten-free

DeBoles brand gluten-free pastas and pasta dishes such as gluten-free rice mac and cheese

Amy's Kitchen gluten-free products

Rice Works rice chips: Salsa and Parmesan Sun Dried Tomato flavors

San-J wheat free tamari sauce

Grainaissance Raisin Cinnamon Mochi (baked and puffed up nice and fluffy/crispy...very good for breakfast...takes 8 minutes to bake)

Not so favorites:

Food for Life brown rice bread

Schar bread untoasted (blah)

Rice Works chips: Spicy Chili flavor

Glutino Cheese flavored crackers

any heavy, sticky textured brown rice bread

So, hopefully this list will help someone out there who, like me, is a newbie to the gluten-free lifestyle and wondering how gluten-free products taste and if they are worth the buy. Anyone have any other suggestions as to great-tasting gluten-free products that mimic their gluten containing counterparts? Anyone out there know of any certified gluten free cheese? We LOVE cheese in our house!

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thanks for guinea pigging for us - always like to hear reviews on gluten-free products

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