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Scott Adams

Pets and the Gluten-Free Diet - Celiac.com

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The excerpt doesn't seem to match the title or the story, which is actually good.

The thing with the pet food treats, was that I discovered that the dog actually liked what I was eating a lot better than the "dog food" treats anyway, and he'd rather have a piece of a rice cake or a piece of a tortilla. Gluten free chex cereal also makes handy pocket treats for training, altho the manufacturer probably did not anticipate this use. B) Most dogs also like sliced carrots quite a bit. My smallest dog is an omni- dog and will eat any vegetable.

Before people think that this pet diet thing is overboard, they ought to remember that cats that eat gluten are then licking themselves and sometimes you, and then spreading that lovely stuff around to things like your pillows and wherever else they sleep. And dogs that eat it then can drool- I have one of those big drooly breeds (he's also got a wheat allergy, so obviously it was our good karma to be brought together) and if he's going to slobber when he's happy, or lick me, and I'm going to wipe it up, I would rather it not be full of gluten, bleah. )

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