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TVNZ Channel 1 showed an approx seven minute clip of an interview with a gastroenterologist using a seven-year-old girl as his patient example. Symptoms, diagnosis, biopsy, difficulty of diet, gluten-free foods, etc., etc. The one point when my mouth dropped open a bit was when he was asked how come he did the biopsy after a positive blood test? No gold standard response here. His answer - for confirmation of celiac disease because the diet is too difficult to do if you don't really have celiac disease and therefore don't have to!!! I wonder if he expects all the gluten intolerants to continue eating gluten because they don't have celiac?? :unsure:

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That's what my GI said too, after the biopsy looked normal after I was in that twilight state coming out of the anesthesia. I told him no ... I was going to stay off it.

My biopsy turned out to be negative in the end. And I was very specific that I was going to stay gluten free.

I have a repeat endo next week - cause I ended up having a red and enflamed stomach and some ulcers. I'll bet they'll both be gone cause the source of my inflammation and irritation is gone.

When I have my second consultation with him to go over the blood work and everything, I'm going to ask him whether he believes in a dietary intolerance to gluten. If he says no, well then I get another GI doctor. My celiac group has a doctor that does and I would love to be his patient if I can get him.

I am not surprised at all. It's not too hard to follow. You end up eating sooooo much healthier. And what is bad about that???

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