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Pepsi, Coca Cola, etc.

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I usually don't drink anything like that, so it might be a silly question... Are pops like Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc. gluten-free? How about in different countries? The only thing I remember reading here on the forum is that mexican CocaCola is not gluten-free. (not sure if thats true or hoax)

The reason I'm asking is that I had a sip of (mexican) Pepsi few days ago, and almost immediatly my lower legs broke out with terribly itchy rash. Never experienced anything like that after going strictly gluten-free. No gluten symptoms followed (and I'm pretty sensitive), so it probably wasn't gluten, but still it keeps me wondering...

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Pepsi and Coke both state that all of their sodas are gluten-free. This is certainly true in Canada and the United States. I believe it to be true in the rest of the world as well. There is some variation from country to country in the sweetener used, but none of the sweeteners should contain gluten.

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