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Needed: Canadian-Grown Organic Millet

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Hello everyone, I'm new at this forum and I'm from British Columbia.

I'm in despair. I've chased after the elusive Canadian-grown millet for years. After a couple of years of ordering it in bulk from a BC milling company (100 pounds at the time), they've switched to an American import.

The "American" millet that some stores sell is actually imported from India, Vietnam, or China by a huge US company that resells it to Canadian suppliers. Canadian stores sell it as "imported from the USA", which is technically true, but you're not getting US grain, you're getting an Asian product that may have not been grown, irrigated, packed, or transported according to Canadian organic standards.

I need help! Canada has the best millet in the world but I can't find it! Does anyone know of any milling company in BC or in the prairies that can sell organic millet in bulk?

Thank you!


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