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Celiac Doctor In San Antonio Tx?

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I need help. I want to find a good doctor that has experience with celiac/gluten intolerance. I want to be able to sit and talk with a professional that "gets" it.

My general doctor is so nice and helpful but I don't think he "gets" it. My OB is like ohhh yes. You know the slight nod that is polite when you mention gluten free to someone who doesn't "get" it.

My GI dr. well I just don't know. I may be just getting too frustrated too quickly but I am tired of hurting and laying around b/c I don't have energy to do anything and worse yet I am tired of trying to do something with the family and I end up causing things to end because I simply can't go on. Then everyone ends up going home early because of me.

So, any advice for a good dr preferably a celiac dr in the San Antonio or Austin area?

Help is so appreciated!

Self Diagnosed April 2010

Gluten Free April 2010

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