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Stacy hated pancake Sunday

Ener-G Tapioca Hamburger Rolls

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I had a cheese burger with a gluten free roll at Pecos Bill's counter service restaurant at Walt Disney World back in Feb and had a very bad gluten reaction within 20 minutes...stomach pain, itching, rash, paranoia, anxiety, muscle pain, etc....I attributed it to a possible cross contamination on the grill since I had no issue with the Ener-g tapioca dinner rolls during the week at various other Disney restaurants. On July 4th we went to Liberty Inn at Epcot and I ordered the double cheese burger with no bun....the cashier remembered me from months ago ordering a gluten free brownie(and the act of congress that followed) and offered the gluten-free bun...so my husband orders it with the gluten-free bun despite my objections and I had another gluten reaction..not as bad as Feb...but enough where my husband and kids have been keeping their distance ever since to avoid my foul mood.

So it has to be either the tapioca hamburger bun or the hamburger patty(I had gluten-free fries in Feb and prepackaged grapes this past weekend.) I verified the brand of rolls with Disney special diets department and they confirmed Ener-G Tapioca hamburger rolls at both restaurants during both visits...I have read the ingredient lists and I have no idea what could be causing the gluten-like reactions unless I am reacting to the yeast...which has always made the gluten reactions much worse.

Anybody else still have bad reactions to the gluten-free bread products and what causes it so I know to avoid it in other things....thanks in advance.

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