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Udi's Bread!

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You probably need to check on their website. If they don't sell in Canada, they might make whatever changes they need to do, to expand their business.

Starting to sell in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg...natural markets...Whole Foods, Capers, Save-On-Foods by end of August or 1st week of Sept.

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I love how this thread keeps coming back to the top as someone else discovers or finds Udi's. :) I just had my peanut butter on toast for breakfast, with a banana and coffee. (the banana on the pb toast, not in my coffee, lol) -- my very favorite breakfast, which I do NOT HAVE TO GIVE UP thanks to Udi's! B)

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Another kudos for Udi's bread. Last week we had to travel unexpectedly to SoCal for a funeral. I took about half a loaf of Udi's in my suitcase, found another loaf in a store where we were. That bread held up remarkably well, unrefrigerated for part of the trip, stuffed into a suitcase, carried by car and by air, and I'm finishing it now that we are home again. Remarkable. It's still quite edible, even though a little dry at this point. Thank you, Udi's.

Self diagnosed gluten intolerant, gluten free since 12/09.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 15 years ago. Fibro symptoms have improved but not gone away with gluten free living.

Osteoarthritis, mostly in hands and neck and lumbar spine. Not sure if going gluten-free has helped that problem, but it certainly can't hurt. (Am very grateful that so far no sign of the RA that is devastating my mother lately.)

Considering a dairy free trial. Considering.

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If you ask for it (at your local stores), it will come (to you).

1960s-had symptoms-could have been before but don't remember

1970s-told had colitis or nervous stomach-was given phenobarbital, felt great but still had symptoms

Me, dd and ds diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance


2001-had stroke because of medications I was given

June 2003-saw Chiropractor who specialized in nutrition: Celiac Disease not Lactose Intolerance, went gluten free with once in awhile cheating, off soy and dairy for about 6 months

June 2003-found excellent doctor for fibromyalgia (who has found out she has Celiac Disease)

May 2006-went gluten free with NO cheating-excellent! Made all the difference in the world

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