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Back To The Coke Debate....

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modified food starch can be questionable..most of the time it is ok but most doesn't cut it and therefore it must be checked on.

The gluten free bible has a lot of inaccuracies...they say certain things are not gluten free that are and vice versa...the book really is bad for new people to the diet

I have run into quite a few things that had gluten in the modified food starch.



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YAY!!!!! :lol::D:P

As I was sitting here drinking diet coke, I remembered something I read about caramel color and nearly had a heart attack :blink: . First thought was that I had possibly been accidentally glutened while I thought I was gluten-free :o and the next thought was that if diet coke wasn't gluten-free that would be the final straw... :rolleyes:

--vegeterian by choice, can't have dairy, gluten-free, couple other things are suspect and now no diet coke???? AHHHHH!!!!!!! LOL The only thing worse would be to find out that coffee wasn't gluten-free.

(if it isn't gluten-free--NOBODY tell me. lol)


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Those generic brands are questionable, but COKE is gluten-free (and diet, caffeine free, lime, etc.) and all carbonated products (i.e. sodas) made by PEPSI, Co. are gluten-free.

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