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Sensitivities & Weight Loss? Healing?

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I went on nothing but meat & veggies for 5 days. This is what helped my diagnose myself... During that time I dropped 5 pounds like nothing. Well, I introduced other foods & had probs so I keep away from them. I have eat corn with no noticeable side effects. However, I decided to keep away from corn 2 days ago & dropped a few more pounds... I'm guessing it's water weight especially since I'm always retaining water these days, feel swollen bloated. Does this mean maybe corn is contributing to those probs?

Also, I eat potato salad at a family gathering yesterday.. I know I should keep away from dairy because it makes my stomach cramp, bloat, gas than IBS. But, I was so hungry & figured maybe alittle wouldn't hurt.... Well, I felt awful in no time... But I expected awful IBS this morning & wasn't as bad as it normally is... Maybe it's a sign I'm starting to heal?

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