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Hallelujah, Gluten Free Market Opening!

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If you asked me yesterday, how long it would be before we see a gluten-free grocery store, I would have said, " 10, maybe 15 years".

I've definatly fantasised about it; not feeling panicky looking at gluteny stuff when you are out shopping, not wondering if you are breathing air-borne gluten, if there is a bakery/kitchen within the store you are at?

i am soooo thrilled, in todays Marin Independant Journal, they ran a story about a small gluten-free market opening in San Rafael (California) in september.

Not to rub it in if you don't live here, but isn't this just HUGE progress for all of us?!

Does anyone know of anything similar anywhere?

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*Sigh* someday I hope to open up a gluten-free cookie shop and become the "gluten-free Mrs. Fields"...alas way too much capital for my broke a$$.

Whole Foods kills me when we go...all that good food and my son can't eat it :(

Smells hella good in there though. San Rafael is a bit far for me to go grocery shopping but hoepfully that is the start of a wonderful trend!

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In Grand Rapids, Michigan - a gluten-free store just opened called Saffrons.......since they are Celiac and with food allergies too - they opened a gluten-free store and I've yet to visit.

I did hear they sell Udi's!

I don't spend the extra money on gluten-free foods because in the grocery store - I buy Classico pasta sauces and soups (Progresso) or make my own.

The gluten-free pasta I buy is only once in a while.....for spaghetti.....but I find that Bob's Red Mill site has a gluten-free dumpling and noodle recipe that I'm willing to try.....other than that - I do without the excess of bread products.......but would love to try the Udi's too........so I"m going to check out that store soon.

I found a recipe for a cream soup base that is versatile - cream of tomato, cream of mushroom, and cheesy broccoli are variations to the base mix so I'm living on the 'cheap' there!

I also started mixing up my own taco seasoning and chili seasonings too. Dollar store spices and I'm set for the year when I want nachos!

I guess I should start posting more recipes......to share the findings of avoiding the gluten-free pricing in the specialty stores.

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