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Headaches? Headaches.

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Okay... so I've never gotten headaches. Occasionally maybe from too much sun, or not enough sleep. But just ordinary ones. My symptoms that led me to the doctor and to the celiac diagnosis were the usual intestinal ones. Now I'm gluten-free. More or less. I'm trying, but things keep slipping in, since it hasn't been that long. And over the past several weeks I've been waking up in the morning with a horrendous headache. At first I thought maybe not enough water the day before. But usually those kind of headaches would be cured by a couple glasses of water and some coffee. Not this one. Multiple tylenols, coffee, nothing touched it. Then... duh, as my kids would say. It's a new gluten symptom. When I started paying attention I realized that of course I had the usual intestinal stuff going on, plus the headache.

So for the past four days I have been super careful. I've been eating really plain, using only the gluten-free soy sauce, and the gluten-free bbq sauce, no take-out, no dairy (because I think that was affecting me, since the celiac). Udi's toast, coffee, fruit, chicken (cooked by me, none of that store-roasted chicken that got me last time -- :ph34r: ), vegetables, salad made by me, rice. And guess what? lol... No headaches. And no intestinal stuff for days now. rofl at me. :blink:

Alrighty -- lesson learned. Here's to a headache-free rest of the summer.

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