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Scott Adams

Celiac diet costly - Calgary Herald

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Celiac diet costly

Calgary Herald

Second, while she states "true gluten allergies are rare" it is now accepted that one-in-100 people in Canada is celiac -- an estimated 340000 sufferers is ...

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Scott Adams

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

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Well, that was exasperating.

It may be "commonly accepted" that in theory oats should be safe, if they are raised and processed gluten free, but it doesn't mean that in reality every celiac or gluten intolerant person can still eat them- reactions vary.

The writer says that a loaf of bread costs her $7.49.

This is why so many people, if they chose to eat gluten free bread, bake it themselves from scratch, which is much cheaper.

Eating properly for one's genetics is still much cheaper than being plied with $10,000 worth of immune suppressing drugs and associated medical treatment per year.

Of course, the original story she was critiquing has a few myths in it that have been making the rounds of the internet stories on celiac all year, enough that now not only do I recognize and can recite along with it in rote, it makes me want to tear my hair out, figuratively speaking. She ignored that.

People with celiac disease need to eliminate gluten completely, as even trace amounts can be harmful. If you have gluten sensitivity you may also experience relief from symptoms by moderating consumption -- for example, having gluten once a week, rather than every day, might be a sufficient reduction to feel better.

Consider working with a registered dietitian, since a gluten-free diet can provide less than optimal amounts of fibre, calcium, iron and folate, if not well planned


Hopefully someone will quickly inform Samara Felesky-Hunt she REALLY screwed that one up.

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