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Been Glutened?

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Been Gluten Free for couple years, still not certain if or when I have been glutened. About a week ago I started getting stomach pains cramping kind of like right before you have to poop (sorry for details) Then it turns into a stomach ache that doesn't seem to go away along with being dead tired. It seems I have a combination of Flu symptoms along with being extremely hung over. Been about a week and the constant stomach ache is still there. Going to Dr here shortly but figure it will be waste of time. I seemed to be foggy I read some people have had that as well.

Anyways how do figure out if you been glutened, you have flu and or some other type of bug. I don't cheat, only thing I can think of is cross contamination from making kids lunch snacks ect... not washing hand or some like that.

Been a week, is it to late to take a lax as I heard people discuss that helping .

Any thoughts



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