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I have some fresh strawberries to go with the ice cream, :D

I have a massive bumper crop of black raspberries from my back yard to make things even better.

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For some reason I always forgot to post on here or it didn’t take it, when I sent the message. Oh well, all that weight losing made me foggy probably.

Let’s continue with June 20th. I have to add the 15 minutes forms training I had that day, but forgot to post.

Then I had to learn for my motorcycle test and had to study for our team performance and make the costumes we were wearing during this performance. But the actual preparation starts July 1st anyway. July 1st and 2nd we were in Florida with the team at the US Open, the 3rd we were in DisneyWorld and the 4th we came back. I wanted to step on the scales and workout in the YMCA, but it was closed, because 4th of July. So we started back into it the 5th. By the way, I passed the motorcycle test and our performance was a great success.

So here goes the training:

Friday and Saturday, July 1st & 2nd:

US Open in Florida

Tuesday, July 5th:

Treadmill 4.4 miles in 65 minutes

Wednesday, July 6th:

Sparring 90 minutes

Thursday, July 7th:

Sparring 2 hours

Bike 3 miles in 14 minutes

Treadmill 4.6 miles in 65 minutes

Saturday, July 9th:

Sparring 2 hours and later the day 90 minutes

Monday, July 11th:

Sparring 90 minutes

Wednesday, July13th:

Treadmill 4 miles in 60 minutes

Thursday, July 14th:

Stairmaster 0.3 miles in 10 minutes

Ergometer 3.1 miles in 15 minutes

Stepper 3.7 miles in 33 minutes

Stepper 3.3 miles in 35 minutes

Kick-Marathon 658 Kicks in 1 hour

Friday, July 15th:

Bike 0.2 miles in 2 minutes (haha, addiction pushes one, even if it’s only for 2 minutes :P )

Stepper 2.7 miles in 30 minutes

Stepper 7.1 miles in 65 minutes

Kick-Marathon 620 Kicks in 1 hour

Saturday, July 16th:

Stepper 7.8 miles in 65 minutes

Sunday, July 17th:

Pennsylvania State Championships

I made this new kick marathon thing up myself. I looked for some new workout and we also were told by our national team trainer to do 1000 kicks every day with every kick and every leg (which actually isn’t possible, if you have a life). Just doing the kicks and counting with it got boring after a while. So I just started doing kicks to the beats of the music. The beats of each song only need to be counted once. I keep them in a folder, so I always can use the songs again that are already counted. Mostly I use the same songs anyway. So literally the songs count my kicks for me. And I can fully concentrate on doing my kicks good.

Now here's the total:


Treadmill 27.5 miles in 7:12 hours

Stepper 42.6 miles in 6:33 hours

Bike 6.3 miles in 31 minutes (this seems to be a little bit to much miles. Let me figure out, if it really counts in miles and not in kilometer...)

Stairmaster 0.3 miles in 10 minutes

Technique and Combos 1 hour

Sparring 10 hours

Musical Forms 1:15 hour

Tricking 1 hour

Kick-Marathon 1278 in 2 hour

2 Tournaments

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Monday, July 18th:

Stepper 7.4 miles/65 minutes

Sparring 30 minutes

Techniques and Combos 1 hour

Musical Forms 15 minutes

Kick Marathon 160 Kicks/8 minutes

Tuesday, July 19th:

Techniques and Combos 1 hour

Treadmill 2.1 miles in 30 minutes

Rowing 1494 yrd/8 minutes

Wednesday, July 20th:

Cross Country runs 1 mile/10 minutes

Musical Forms 15 minutes

Stepper 7.7 miles/65 minutes

Rowing 1480 yrd/7 minutes

Friday, July 22nd:

Techniques and Combos 2 hours

Sparring 1 hours

Saturday, July 23rd:

Ju Jitsu 90 minutes

Sunday, July 24th:

Sparring 1 hour


Treadmill 29.6 miles in 7:42 hours

Stepper 57.7 miles in 8:43 hours

Bike 6.3 miles in 31 minutes

Stairmaster 0.3 miles in 10 minutes

Rowing 2974 yrd/15 minutes

Cross country runs 1 mile/10 minutes

Technique and Combos 5 hours

Sparring 12:30 hours

Ju Jitsu 1:30 hours

Tricking 1 hour (I have to get up and move my little but in this category)

Musical Forms 1:45 hours (same thing here, otherwise it'll be no good)

Kick-Marathon 1438 in 2:08 hours

2 Tournaments (US Open, PA State Championships)

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Stef: Just read this post...Great stuff.

Good Luck with all your 'bouts' and remember...if you can kick celiac disease's ass, you can kick anyone's ass.

What you know about your sports training can help you throughout your life as a celiac disease'er.

I figure almost anything can be overcome, with the right attitude.

It's not always been easy mind you, and as you know, the biggest rewards are usually found through hard work, and perseverance.

Accomplishemtns, are measured in small steps.

I know you're going to be successful with the National team and whatever you choose to do in life.

Kick ass Girl!!!


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Thanks, Scotia!

Wow, haven't been here for over a month. I was soooo busy! And I had a lot of ups and downs and crazy turns yaddiya and yaddidi... I will tell you more the next couple of days. To make you a little bit curious, I had an injury. Two of my students dropped out of the NationalTeam (what a shame). There were some tournaments and so on. You will here from me soon :D

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Wow, now here's my trainings and tournament update. A couple of things happened though, that I just might explain later.

Monday, July 25th:

Kick Marathon 1025 Kicks/60 minutes

Techniques and Combos 90 minutes

Tuesday, July 26th:

Techniques and Combos 90 minutes

Wednesday, July 27th:

Techniques and Combos 90 minutes

Sparring 60 minutes

Thursday, July 28th:

Treadmill 2.98 miles in 30 minutes

Techniques and Combos 30 minutes

Sparring 30 minutes

Friday, July 29th:

Kick Marathon 863 Kicks/60 minutes

Tricking 10 minutes

Sparring 60 minutes

Sunday, July 31st:

Sparring 60 minutes

Monday, August 1st:

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Bo Form 20 minutes

Tuesday, August 2nd:

Stepper 2.8 miles/35 minutes

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Wednesday, August 3rd:

Sparring 30 minutes

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Thursday, August 4th:

Kick Marathon 211 Kicks/20 minutes

Friday, August 5th:

Kick Marathon 54 Kicks/5 minutes

Sparring 10 minutes (we had to stop sparring, cause Anna dislocated my jaw with a roundkick :o )

Saturday, August 6th:

Yard Sale as a team fundraiser at Kathy’s son’s house. We got 81 dollars.

Sunday, August 7th:

Techniques and Combos 35 minutes

Monday, August 8th:

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Tuesday, August 9th:

Forms 20 minutes

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Wednesday, August 10th:

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Sparring 30 minutes

Thursday, August 11th:

Techniques and Combos 30 minutes

Sparring 30 minutes

Friday, August 12th:

Stepper 7.95 miles in 45 minutes

Forms 20 minutes

Saturday, August 13th:

US Capitol Classics in Washington, D.C. (That I didn’t compete in however. I explain later, why I didn’t.)

Sunday, August 14th:

Tricking 1 hour

In the morning Anna told me, that she's not coming to Canada with us. And in the evening Jim also dropped out of the National Team. Now I have to go alone, I was so down that day. :blink:

Monday, August 15th:

Techniques and Combos 30 minutes

Tuesday, August 16th:

Forms 30 minutes

Tricking 10 minutes

Wednesday, August 17th:

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Sparring 30 minutes

Thursday, August 18th:

Techniques and Combos 20 minutes

Sparring 10 minutes

Friday, August 19th:

Treadmill 2.64 miles in 35 minutes

Saturday, August 20th:

Went to 6 Flags to relax…

Monday, August 22nd:

Forms 6 minutes

Kick Marathon 58 kicks/2 minutes

Tricking 15 minutes

Techniques and Combos 30 minutes

Tuesday, August 23rd:

Kick Marathon 318 Kick/9:12 minutes

Tricking 2 hours

Wednesday, August 24th:

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Sparring 30 minutes

Thursday, August 25th:

Fencing (Hahahaha, I’m nuts :P ) 60 minutes

Friday, August 26th:

Running 1 mile/10 minutes

Saturday, August 27th:

Ju Jitsu 90 minutes

Tricking 2 hours

Treadmill 1 mile/10 minutes

Sunday, August 27th:

Sparring 60 minutes

Monday, August 28th:

Techniques and Combos 60 minutes

Wednesday, August 30th until Monday, September 5th:

YMCA is closed.

Thursday, September 1st:

I picked my mother up from the Airport in Phily. Until she goes back home to Germany September 28th I probably will be slightly distracted with my training. You know how mothers are…

Friday, September 2nd:

Running 2 miles/21 minutes

Saturday, September 3rd:

“Breath of Nature”-Open Air Tournament in Harrisburg, PA

Sunday, September 4th:

Battle of the Valley in Hagerstown, MD

Monday, September 5th:

Running 2 miles/21 minutes

Tuesday, September 6th:

Stepper 3.87 miles in 33 minutes

Treadmill 0.5 miles in 5 minutes

One highlight after all these downs today was the first kids class I held in the USA. It was cool! 5 new kids… We had a blast! I had a real energy boost!!!

Wednesday, September 7th:

Techniques and Combos 30 minutes

Thursday, September 8th:

Stepper 2.87 miles in 25 minutes

Stepper 2.92 miles in 25 minutes

Stepper 2.88 miles in 25 minutes

Stepper 1.16 miles in 10 minutes

Stepper 1.41 miles in 12 minutes

Stepper 1.06 miles in 10 minutes

Friday, September 9th:

Stepper 3.71 miles in 30 minutes

Stepper 3.64 miles in 30 minutes

Stepper 3.5 miles in 30 minutes

Stepper 3.48 miles in 30 minutes

Techniques and Combos 30 minutes

Saturday, September 10th:

Ju Jitsu 90 minutes

Tuesday, September 13th:

Sparring 10 minutes (With the kids…lol! They’re soooo cute!)

Wednesday, September 14th:

Tricking 30 minutes

Yoga 1 hour

Relaxation & Meditation 1 hour

Yoga 1 hour

Techniques and Combos 1 hour

Techniques and Combos 30 minutes

Core Training 20 minutes

Thursday, September 15th:

Freestyle Form 30 minutes

Bo Form 15 minutes

Bo Drills 5 minutes

Friday, September 16th:

Techniques and Combos 30 minutes

Saturday, September 17th:

Arts of War Challenge in York, PA

Sunday, September 18th:


You guys get the total later. Gotta go somewhere real quick!

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Hi guys,

I'm back :D . Although the update of what I did the last couple of weeks has to wait until after the world championships, cause I don't really have a lot of time right now.

Just wanted to tell you guys, that I'm leaving for Canada Saturday, 11/05/05, early in the morning. All Saturday there will be hotel check ins from the different National Teams and weigh-in of the fighters.

Sunday still gives us time to relax with the Official Draw in what order the competitors fight or run their routines. Then there is the referees and coaches meeting, opening ceremony, fireworks and concert.

Monday November 7th

9:00am –5:00pm

Men & Women Light Contact

Girls Semi Contact

Boys Forms

35+ Men Forms

Tuesday November 8th

9:00am –5:00pm

Men & Women semi-contact (I'm fighting in one of this divisions: Women semi-contact -110 lbs)

Boys light contact

Girls forms

35+ women forms

Wednesday November 9th

9:00am –5:00pm

Boys Semi contact,

Girls light contact

Men Forms

Women Forms (I compete in two divisions here: Women Musical Freestyle Forms and Women Musical Freestyle Weapons)

Team Competition

Thursday November 10th

9:00am – 4:00pm Finals

7:00pm – 11:00pm Team Finals

I just copied and pasted this from the IAKSA homepage and added my classes to save time. I really got to go. I have to work, train and get a hold of the Toronto Celiac Organization (or whatever it's called).

I will be back soon with updates and all.

Read you later, bye bye, Stef

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Hi everybody,

here I am again with more information in case some of our celiacs on here would like to meet with me and some other celiacs and be spectator during this week.

Yesterday while I was looking for health food stores, supermarkets and restaurants where I could eat my heart began to sink when I noticed, that all restaurants were about 90 minutes from my hotel in Toronto. But then we had a good laugh, when I found out, that Outback's is pretty much right beside my hotel. So not questions asked. If I weigh in correctly Saturday, you can bet your a... :lol: that you can find me in Outback's at least an hour later and indulge in one of their "Chocolate Thunders", hehe... ;)

So now first to where you can find my hotel, the tournament site and of course the Outback's.

You can look the directions up with MapPoint

The tournament will be held in the "Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort", 6380 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2G 7X5

Our IAKSA US Team will be in the "Sheraton Niagara Falls", 6755 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2G 3W7

The "Outback Steakhouse" is at 6733 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2G 3W6

Here are the updated times when I'm competing (view the complete schedule at http://www.wkacanada.com/download/WORLD_CH...S_SCHEDULE.pdf

The preliminaries for Women Pointfighting -50 kg are Tuesday November 8 in Ring 4 at 9:00am in the Grand Hall Ballroom.

The preliminaries for Women Musical (Open) Freestyle Forms are Wednesday November 9 in Ring 9 at 9:00am in the Avalon Theatre (probably on stage, if it's a theatre).

The preliminaries for Women Musical Weapon Forms are Wednesday November 9 in Ring 9 at 10:00am in the Avalon Theatre (same place the Musical Forms were before).

If you couldn't see me fight tuesday you might have good luck and I get elected for the women US fighter's team, which will be Wednesday at 2:00pm in Ring 4 in the Grand Hall Ballroom. The catch is, that I probably won't know that until I'm there, so I'll send my hubby in here with the news.

In case I make it to the finals (Place 1 through 3), the finals will be Thursday November 10 in the Grand Hall Ballroom:

Women Pointfighting -50 kg in Ring 2 at 11:45am

Women Open Musical in Ring 1 at 12:45pm

Women Musical Weapons in Ring 1 at 2:45pm

The Team Fight Finals will start at 8:00pm

If there are ring conflicts in the finals (one competitor would have to compete in two rings at the same time) the ring assignments will be changed.

The schedule will be pretty busy and when I'm not competing I will be pretty busy with filming and photographing. So please forgive me, if I'm not that cooperating during the day. But the everyday fights should be over at about 5:00pm and then I'm free to do whatever I want. If you want to meet, you can write it on here or send me a private message. I don't know, if my cellphone works in Canada, but I'm about to find out.

But there are still a couple of days to go and to train. As a famous man once said: "It ain't over till it's over"...

Hugs and here from you soon, Stef

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Hi there,

I thought, I finally come back into this thread and write a summary and a couple of little neet stories from the worlds and at the end you will know, how my avatar came to be :P . The entire November trouble is over, the holidays are over. I have time to breath. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with a couple of more training days :P I just wanted to come back here and post some nice things about the worlds and stuff. I'm just glad, it's over... But I would always do it again :rolleyes: . Sounds weird, I know.

Well, all in all I managed to get 182.7 miles in 4 month and 144 hours of training altogether, which actually isn't that much, when I look back at it. I learned a lot out of this and next time (as always) will be waaay better. Since I can't compete at any other IAKSA world championships anymore until I have my citizenship we decided to go for a baby. In about 2 years I can try the test for the citizenship and then I will go for it again. Or maybe even for the Olympics, if it's already Olympic then. Or maybe now at the WKA association, where you don't have to be an american citizen. But what the heck, everything always comes like it's meant to be anyway and I'm not worrying about it now. It's just a lot of ifs and whens and I'm just a curious person and can't wait to see the end of these two years and how it all turns out... :blink:

The most surprising thing, that happened to me at the world championships was the fact that I initially thought (during all of my pre-training sessions): "Boy, you know, when the day arrives, that I have to compete, I will be so nervous, I'll freak out, like at all the other world championships..." Actually the first world championships I was so nervous I almost threw up in the middle of the ring during the fight... Well, when the day finally arrived I got up. Prepared my breakfast and watched TV. The mother of the other competitor (we shared the room together) asked me, if I'm nervous, because she saw me stuffing all this food into me (normally, when you're extremely nervous, you can't eat, because you're nauseaus). I just replied: "You know, this is just one of many tournaments I had this past 4 months. I just want to git'r done." Which really surprised me. Later at the ring one coach made me sit down on a chair to relax and asked me 3 times, if I'm fine, cause I didn't give a peep from me. I was so calm, I couldn't believe it myself. This is a great accomplishment for me, because at all the other world championships (this was my 7th world championships alltogether) I was so nervous, I fought more against myself than against my opponent. So from this good "foundation" and first good experience I will build up my confidence the next 2 years and then do it again.

The most exciting and romantic thing that happened to me at the world championships was this: Tuesday morning I was getting ready to fight. I looked for my name in the lists on the board outside the fighting hall and found myself on top of the list. I was to "open" the ring with the very first fight of the day against Ireland. So I entered the hall, got warmed up and slow but sure focused on what was to come. Then I entered the fighter's area. This area is only for fighters, coaches and judges. Spectators have no access. I found some German women around my fighting area. Most of them I still knew from my time in the German National Team. So it was a big hello and telling each other what was going on in our lives now. The spectator area was filling up and was about to get crowded. My coach came up to me and wanted to make sure, I'm ready. Suddenly one of the German girls I was talking to suddenly said: "Hey somebody is waving at you over there in the spectator area." I turned around. And get this: My husband was standing in front of me. It was an incredible surprise. Can you imagine? He came up all the way (6 hours) to see me fight. He had no clue, where I was or how to really find me. They had 9 different rings in this huge casino/hotel/mall mix. He also told me later, he didn't know about the emergency road descriptions I hung on the refrigerator door :lol: for the hotel (I did this just in case I get injured and somebody has to come pick me up). But he made it 5 minutes before the fight started at 9 in the morning. He drove all night, to make it in time. Which meant, when he was done with his shift at 10 the night before he came up. He didn't sleep at all. When I saw him my jaw dropped down, I was like stunned. Then I sprinted off and leaped over the barrier. I was so happy to see him, I didn't even realize, that Uncle "frog" was standing beside him :lol: . This was the most romantic thing that ever happened to me.

The funniest thing was, when I told three english young men (competitors) to speak clear english, when they talk to me. I just started to make fun of them. Seriously, I didn't understand a word. And I don't think my english is bad. It just sounded all chinese to me :lol: .

The biggest bad luck thing I ever witnessed was this (I still can't believe it, how odd): The girl in my room had several divisions she competed in. Monday she had to fight. When her fighting division started one of the coaches asked her where her gloves where. Somebody of our team needed other gloves, because his weren't allowed according to IAKSA rules, so he begged her to give him hers. The unpolite thing was, he didn't give'em back to her. Of course she didn't know, where her gloves were or the boy that took them in the first place. I didn't have my gear with me, since I started Tuesday and so we rushed around looking for gloves. The judge was already very impatient and we were afraid, she gets disqualified. Finally we came up with some gloves from somebody else in the team and the fight started. Well, about 5 seconds into the fight, her groin pad slipped out of her pants. In disbelieve of what I just saw I stared at the pad lieing on the floor. Her mom said, when she ordered that thing, the martial arts supplier only sent her the pad, they obviously forgot the elastic. So she stuffed it in between two panties. I thought, it was a pretty neet idea, but right at the beginning of the fight the dang thing slipped out of her pants and the judge stared at it just like I did. Her mom in the spectator area began to furiously wave with her arms and because the judge (it was a man) didn't really want to fuss with this in the girls panties (our coach didn't want to either and Dawn, the female coach already went back to Florida cause she needed to go back to work) he picked up the pad and sent the girl with it to her mother. Well, the mother stuffed it back in and there she went. About 20 seconds later it was about to slip out again. The poor girl. By the time all this had happened to her, she was so off focus, that she lost the fight. A day later she had several forms divisions. In two divisions she made it to the final and I'm not sure, but I think, it was for the gold in both divisions. So when Thursday rolled around she was ready to go. She stepped into the ring with her weapon the Bo (a long wooden staff), announced herself in front of the judges and then stepped back to begin her form. After she did a couple of techniques, get this, her Bo broke. It broke. Be Ar O Key EE! I was like, what the H...!!! Of course she had to stop and got 0 points for it. It threw her back on third place. I mean, yeah, I saw the poor little sucker train. She prepared all year, every day, and if her trainer didn't like one little thing she had to do push ups till she turned blue in the face. She is 13. She started in 5 divisions and took home 1 gold and two bronze medals. It could have been 5 medals easily if she wouldn't have had that bad luck. Can you imagine? This is so incredible I will remember her till the end of my days... ;)

Here are the two most caring things that made our team a TEAM (two nice little gestures):

We went back into our hotel from the registration and weigh-in and everybody was glad they had their "legitimate" weight. So this meant, we could EAT ...more than we did in our preparation. On our way home, our coach said "How about we go in there (I can't really remember anymore what restaurant it was)" and I said, "OK, then I will go back to the hotel, because of my food restrictions I can't eat there. I would be able to eat at Outback's though" and pointed at it, because it was in sight. And everybody just decided to go to Outback's then. I must add, that I didn't know anybody there (except of some of the coaches), while most of them knew each other from the previous years. I was new. They kind of included me into the team with that gesture.

A couple of days later then (after I lost in all my divisions) I was kind of frustrated, not because I lost, but because this would be my last world championships for a really, really, really long time and I can't wait to go to the next one. So I just came along and wasn't really in the mood to talk or socialize. I just listened to my celiac disease-player and watched people. One of my favorite bad behaviours. You know, when you watch people until they feel uncomfortable and walk out of the room? :P Well, but the point is, that we went to our "team foto shooting" in front of the Niagara Falls. First we made a couple of pics from the entire team (BTW, you can check it out on the link below) and then they made several other pics with like the Florida people and the Georgia people. And I just stood there, not really involved, cause there was nobody else from my school or from PA, after Anna and Jim dropped out of the National Team. I just watched them make pics of the different groups. Then, when everything began to thin out a little and the people began to go back inside I stepped towards the railing to make some nice pics of the Niagara Falls. Suddenly somebody tapped me on the shoulder. It was Mr. Butts (i know, funny name) asking me, if I wanted a pic with me in front of the Niagara Falls. So I gave him my camera. And that is the picture that is in my Avatar now. With a faked smile :P . After that pic suddenly the other women from the team, I fought with, Stephanie and Katie stepped up and wanted a pic with me in front of the falls. Even though, we lost against Ireland (again...) it is nice to have a picture with them (I still have to send them an E-Mail that they send me the pic). Then everybody went back inside. I was so happy I went crying back to the hotel room. I was just happy, that they assimilated me so well into this team and at the same time so frustrated knowing, that I wouldn't have the chance to be on this great team anymore for the next two years or so. I think I'm over it (well, maybe a little :ph34r: ) for the most part.

So... this just were some moments I will never forget in the best team ever. 7 indead is the magic number. All this years, OMG, I never would have thought I make it again. Who knows when I will be back :unsure: . But to be there is everything to me, it's like the air that I breath and maybe my husband really is right, that my real talent lies in instructing and seeing my students compete *sigh*. I just hope people don't think, I gave up on me, when I'm just not allowed to fight anymore *cry*. It breaks my heart... Oh well *sniff* I guess I'm getting melancholic here, so I will finish this will a good old:

I'll be back :lol:

Hugs, Stef

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