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Plant Allergies...

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Well I just discovered yet another plant I am allergic to. And unfortunately it is omnipresent in my office. AAAAAAAAAAACK. So our plant lady stopped by with a couple more plants, and she had come here to the reception desk at which I am currently sitting. Of course she trims the plants here and everything then uses my trash can to dispose of the trimmings. And the trash can is right by my leg. AAAAAAAAACK.... And I am stuck here for another hour! YIKES!!!!!!!!!! 'Scuse me while I turn red and itchy and sneeze all over the place....

Now to figure out what kind of plants she had.... I'd look in the trash can to get a closer look, but that will just make everything worse.

Gluten Free since Oct. 1, 2010
Fish/Seafood Free since 1997
Chocolate Free (with a few taste tests to see if I'm just crazy) since 2001.
Officially Dairy free 8/5/2013 (mostly dairy free before that, but I like my cheese and things) (dx'd officially with lactose intolerance, suspect casein too though)
Esophagitis dx'd 8/5/2013 thus doing a diet devoid of acidic foods and stuff

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