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Stretch Marks

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Err... Ashamed to admit it, but I had gained enough weight, that now that I have lost a good portion of it, I have QUITE visible stretch marks on my tummy and legs... How do I get rid of them? I know no one sees them, but it does bother me. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also they probably will be there forever if I don't do anything... I scar really easily. I still have a scar on my side from when I fell on a music stand three years ago! Don't ask...)

Gluten Free since Oct. 1, 2010
Fish/Seafood Free since 1997
Chocolate Free (with a few taste tests to see if I'm just crazy) since 2001.
Officially Dairy free 8/5/2013 (mostly dairy free before that, but I like my cheese and things) (dx'd officially with lactose intolerance, suspect casein too though)
Esophagitis dx'd 8/5/2013 thus doing a diet devoid of acidic foods and stuff

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