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Refractory Celiac Disease


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Well, I did have a bout of Lyme disease back in 2001. But I took a month of strong antibiotics and I thought that it went away. Is it possible that I could be continuing to have issues with Lyme, even though it's 10 years later? And if so, does Lyme cause blunted villi and elevated antibodies?

Weluvgators, I have checked all my meds. I take quite a few but go on glutenfreedrugs.com often and communicate with Steve Plogsted as well as ask Walgreens to get info on all my meds. No, I do not have a shared kitchen-I live alone. Although of course I used to eat gluten all the time before I was diagnosed in May 2010. But I felt that I cleaned my kitchen about as throughly as possible. What do you mean by reviewing toiletries? I did make sure that my soap, shampoo, etc doesn't contain gluten if that's what you mean.

But I need to find out some more about Lyme disease...I know there is a long thread on it here.

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