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Mama Melissa

Flu-Like Symptoms

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Why hello again friends:)

I know im blowing up the posts todays but i am curious to know do any of you ever get flu-like symptoms when gettting cc?Slight chest tightness,achiness,dry cough,almost dehydrated feeling???I am diligent about being gluten free but since its the begginning of the diet i must say i dont only stick to earth foods i do sometimes (probably to much) eat gluten-free snack foods, now i know i was told to stick to earth foods and meats until i get atleast to the month mark or so bu ti get soo tired of the same thing:(Will this ease after i've been on my diet longer the symptoms i mean???Also i have realised now that i almost 2 1/2 months in i do realise when i do get reactions from cc it dosent last as long it will last maybe half a day or a day at the most as to where before i would be out of commision for 3 days or more.Can anyone relate for give me more info on this?? thanxx a bunch xoxo


9/10 Diagnosed celiac via bloodwork/endo

9/10 Gluten free

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