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Guest imsohungry

Any Vegetarians Out There?

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Guest imsohungry

Lesliean, Wow! thanks for the links and recipe info.! B) I "Googled" it, but didn't come up with those links as a resource. Many thanks! :)

Jen and Carrie,

You girls know I appreciate your responses...always helpful! ;):)


I'm glad to know that info. about soy and tofu. I was a vegetarian several years ago, but decided I wasn't getting enough protein (I was weak and craving meat like crazy) :rolleyes: Which is really odd because honestly, I usually don't like the taste of meat. :huh:

I'm not so concerned with calling myself a vegetarian as much as looking for alternate ways to eat a balanced diet while consuming little (if any) meat during the week.

Thanks to all you gals for the great feedback, recipes, links, info., and stories!


(P.S. Jen and Carrie, I got the ingredients for the dishes FINALLY. I'll update you as soon as I try them this week). ;)

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I have been vegetarian my whole life, but have eaten dairy products. Anyway, I feel so much better now that I am gluten free, but do miss alot of foods. Thanks for all the recipes. THey look great and I am planning to try them. I am having to learn how to cook without the meat substitutes we used before, because they all have gluten. We used alot of Campbell's mushroom soup before too. Plus my son isn't tolerating dairy. I guess over time I will completely adjust. It is worth it to feel good.

I have heard about the soy stuff being bad, but I don't believe all of it. I guess I need to probably research it more, but I am vegetarian partly because of my religion and they have done huge studies and found that they actually live longer. There is another study going on right now that is being supported by the government, because the last one was very imformative. Anyway, these people have been drinking soy milk and eating soy their whole lives and are very healthy. So, I guess I am just not sold on it being really bad for you. THere is so much out there and not all of it has real good research to back it up.

Since I have never eaten meat, I think it would be hard for my body to digest it. So I am happy for vegan recipes.



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