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irish daveyboy

Want To Make A Meal With Only What You Have Available?!

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Came across this and it's too good not to share.

Try this application, just click and drag all ingredients you have available to the pantry box on right.

Just below the pantry box is an allergy option

(only need to register to create an allergy profile).

Above the box find matching recipes.

This means you can produce a meal with only what you've got available (no buying expensive ingredients)

An excellent idea for the 'Frugally' minded and some of the recipes sound really tasty.


Best Regards,


Chronically Ill and lost 56lbs in 3 Months Prior to Diagnosis.

Diagnosed in Nov 2005 after Biopsy and Blood Tests

Cannot tolerate Codex Wheat Starch.

Self Taught Baker.

Bake everything from scratch using naturally gluten-free ingredients.

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