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Short Stature/dropping Weight Percentiles - What To Ask The Dr?

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I just got through reading the entirety of both of my children's medical charts in preparation for our dr visit this Tuesday. Wow, there was even stuff in there I'd forgotten about.

Anyway, I recorded all the heights and weights and plotted them on the growth charts I got from About.com

My 10 year old son has historically been (and still is) just under the 50th percentile line for height, and was just over the 50th percentile line for weight until he was 5 1/2 years old. Then it started dropping steadily. Now he is under the 25th percentile line for weight. He's the one with the joint, gi, and mild ADHD issues.

My daughter will be 12 in April. She has always been little, and has never placed onto the growth chart. In the past two years she has been pulling further away from the bottom (5th percentile) line. (below it by 10 lbs and more than 2 inches). We are of european/american decent, her biological father was about 6 feet tall and I am 5'6" though was small for my age as a child. She's the one with Tourette's, mood, and mild ADD issues.

When my daughter was 5 she was given a basic metabolic panel to screen out major problems. I think this was the only testing performed, and the verdict was that she was fine. At the time her Sodium, Calcium, and Platelets were high and her Creatinine was low. I don't really understand what that might have indicated.

She has been eating gluten and we plan to get bloodwork done. What tests EXACTLY should I ask for?


Our family is transitioning off the GAPS Intro Diet and into the Full GAPS Diet.

Gluten-Free since November 2010

GAPS Diet since January/February 2011

me - not tested for celiac - currently doing a gluten challenge since 11/26/2011

partner - not tested for celiac

ds - age 11, hospitalized 9/2010, celiac dx by gluten reaction & genetics. No biopsy or blood as we were already gluten-free by the time it was an option.

dd - age 12.5, not celiac, has Tourette's syndome

both kids have now-resolved attention issues.

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