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Second Biopsy Advise

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I'm schedule on Monday for a second skin biopsy. The first one (he took the lesion) was inconclusive but the dermatologist believes it's DH and put me on a gluten free diet. I've been gluten free for two weeks and still have a number of areas where my rash is still quite active. I know it will take a long time for the rash to clear, but here is my question. Since I"ve been off gluten for two weeks, will that interfere with the testing? Should I eat some gluten for the next couple of days? My initial thought was that as long as I still have a very active rash there must still be plenty of antibodies for testing. Thoughts?

Also, I put some iodine (10%) on a patch on my skin and left it there for about 30 minutes. In that spot I now have a similar bumpy rash in the shape of the patch. How conclusive is this test? Without a definitive diagnosis I'm concerned I'm missing something else that might be important to my health.

Thanks for any advise.

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Wow! Interesting experiment with the patch. I will try that too. I've even more careful than usual about risky food and avoiding seafood and iodised salt for the last couple of weeks, and my lesions are healing rapidly. It would be very interesting to know whether limiting iodine has been the factor making the difference. Thank you for that idea.

I'm sure others will have better info than me with regard to loading yourself with gluten, but it is my impression that it takes longer than a couple of days of eating gluten to create a response.

It makes a difference for some people to have an official diagnosis, but for me, once I became convinced that gluten was the culprit, you couldn't have paid me to consume it again.

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