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Is it possible that I am being contaminated by the cat food i feed my cats? I have two cats and always try to be careful feeding them and washing my hands after. But I was thinking about how cats are always licking themselves and how their fur gets everywhere. I've been having problems with my belly being swollen and being diagnosed and going on a gluten free diet hasn't made it any better. So I was just wondering how likely it would be that this is my problem.

Also, if I am getting contaminated this way, what does that mean for going over to someone's house that has a pet that eats food full of gluten?

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It is possible to get cross contaminated by gluten cat food, I recall hearing one gal who got glutened when her dog licked her and accidentally got her lips. However, usually it wouldn't involve your gut swelling up like that, I wouldn't think, not unless you are ingesting more of it.

Have you tried a food journal/elimination diet? They can be very helpful, as many celiacs have other food intolerances that can be hard to track down (and there are not tests for most intolerances at all). Dairy and soy are common ones. In fact, most new celiacs are lactose intolerant until they heal, which would definitely cause a bloated stomach if you are still eating it.

So...I think the odds are low that the cat food is the issue.

However, some other possibilities? Have you looked at your cosmetics or hygiene products, like lipstick, shampoo (if it ever gets on your lips when you rinse off), toothpaste? those can get you, too.

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Thanks. I have eliminated gluten from all lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, everything! I'm getting a blood test so I should know for sure if gluten is still the culprit. If not then I guess I will start cutting other things out.

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