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Just when I think I can stop worrying, something else pops up.........

Here is a brief history......

Son has had watery, acid diarrhea poops HIS WHOLE LIFE. He is now 5.5 yrs.

Diagnosed with Celiac by positive blood work (low on the abnormal scale, but still abnormal) and endoscopy (on a scale of 1-3, he was the worst at a 3) in march of 2010. Started gluten-free diet immediately. Have seen an improvement, however he continues to have frequent stools, and often still has diarrhea. He occasionally complains of tummy pain- about 2-5X/month (never complained of tummy pain before diagnosis and diet change).

6 month blood work came back all normal. I have been concerned we are 'missing' something, but GI keeps telling me he is fine.

Wasn't due for more blood work until March 2011, but I requested it sooner. We are seeing increased fatigue, restlessness, bags under his eyes, pale, outbursts at school, etc. The recent blood work came back normal for all the celiac stuff, but low iron(hemoglobin still ok) and low Vitamin D.

Why now? I 'get' that it can take the gut up to a year to heal (as per our GI doc- whom I don't like). But if he is healing, why is he low on these NOW?

Any insight or advice?

Thank you!


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I wouldn't associate outbursts at school with much, apart from being there :) Seriously, if he was undiagnosed, he's behind in his "nutrient balance" and can't catch up without a supplement, for now. He's running a race he started late, so to speak. He should take a multi, and probably be prescribed enough zinc and vitamin D, too. Both of those latter supplements were prescribed for my son when he was released from inpatient care (there 45 days) and he took them for 5-6 months.

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Well, his gut is obviously still not healed yet, so still not absorbing nutrients properly. I would suspect it is just a long-term thing that the levels finallyl got low enough to show up on the blood testing. Low iron and Vitamin D is "celiac stuff." - very common. The tummy pains could be due to a change in diet. Is he eating any different grains from gluten substitute foods?

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