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Rotation Diet

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Hi Everyone, I haven't been on here in quite awhile, so hello again. Over the past year I've gone from being just gluten/dairy free only for my infant dd whom I was nursing (now a healthy ACTIVE "almost" two year old) to recently getting diagnosed myself with leaky gut. I just had delayed food allergy testing done and now am trying to follow a rotation diet (five days in). It is a bit overwhelming and I have a few questions for anyone with experience in this arena:

Does anyone have an online link listing out all foods in specific families? I have most of them, but missing a few odd things such as baking soda and xylitol (from pure birch bark).

Should I rotate things used in small proportions for baking such as baking soda and sea salt?

I have also been grain free for about nine months (and sugar free for about six months), which I believe has helped so I am very hesitant to try back any grains even though rice and corn are listed as safe on my results. I've been baking with nut flours, which is great, but now increasingly challenging when having to rotate food families (eg eggs only allowed on every fourth day and now I cannot have flax). Plus, I'm not sure when or if I should even be use baking soda. Thankfully I was negative for candida, probably due to already being gluten, dairy, grain and sugar free for several months.

Thanks in advance.

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