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I had my GI appt and requested Celiac testing. He asked a few questions, wanting to know only my GI symptoms that I was concerned with. I realize he is a gastroenterologist, but I wanted to bring in ALL my symptoms (osteopenia, neuropathy, balance issues, vision change, and some others) to look at WHY I wanted testing. He didn't seem interested...(Mind you I've seen this guy before for my GERD).

He did an EGD and colonoscopy on me in '08 when I presented with profound anemia - eventually determined to be due to a medication I was taking. He told me today that he biopsied my small intestine for Celiac's at that time (I wasn't complaining of any symptoms then), and that was negative. Hmm, he had never told me that....

So he's sending me for some labs...some IgA studies, I see nothing about IgG, should I have had those? He's also sending me for these:

tissue translutaminase Ab IgA

serum IgA (quantitative)


Is this enough? he also stated the accuracy of these tests was very high - 98% but that is not what I've been reading...

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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Well he is flat out wrong about the accuracy of the tests. Even if he did biopsy for celiac a few years ago that doesn't rule it out today. When your done with all the testing you choose to do then do give the diet a good strict try no matter what the results. As to the gene testing while those are the most commonly associated genes they are not the only genes that can be associated with celiac. You can be celiac without them and you can also have those genes and not be celiac.

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I'd ask him to also run the DGP igA and IgG as those were the only two tests that showed a positive with my child and was negative on the others.

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