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Are Hershey's Miniatures Gluten Free?

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I read somewhere that the regular sized bars are, but the minis aren't? Specifically the milk, special dark, and mr goodbar. I know the Crispy ones aren't.

Anyone know for sure?

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I did a lot of reading about chocolate when I went gluten free.

Although the mini's are made the same as the large size bars and may not have gluten ingredients, the problem is that they use run off chocolate for coating the candy and that may be how it is getting cross contaminated with gluten.

Many people wrote about having reactions to the mini sized candy bars.

The run off chocolate may have been used to coat the gluten containing chocolate bars too, at least that was the theory from what I have read.

I never tested it myself because I get really really sick for several days from cross contamination.

I stick the regular or KING sized candy bars.

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I really think the minis have gluten. I was feeling so great from Oct-Dec and then during xmas I was eating the minis a lot since they were laying around during the holidays. I probably had 5-10 a day for a week straight.

I started having my celiac symptom of left sided pain and couldn't pin point as to why. Before I ate the minis I Googled Hershey's and it said they were safe, I just assumed the minis would be too. So, I did some further research and it seems like the minis aren't safe. So, basically I totally screwed up after doing so well. The pain has started to get better, but it took a month.

I just don't get why they can't make them all gluten-free. How confusing. I guess you really do need to read every single specific label.

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