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Additional Complications Years After Coeliac Disease Diagnosis

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum but have found this discussion fascinating. I'm in the UK so I hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your site

A bit about my own history: I was diagnosed with coeliac disease aged 15 months in 1970 - As a baby I was quite sickly but as I grew older things settled down. I follow a strict gluten free diet.

About six months ago I developed Uveitis suddenly in my right eye and discovered I am HLA B27 positive. I noticed somebody had asked whether anybody else has coeliac disease and blood group O Rh Negative, I am (but am unsure of any connection)

Other things that have happened of late, coinciding with onset of the uveitis are, severe joint pain, particularly lower spine, knees and right ankle and new bowel problems, namely mucous and blood (which has thankfully settled down now).

The first instance of uveitis lasted three months and was treated with dilating drops and prednisolone corticosteroid drops every few hours. A month ago the uveitis returned in my left eye, but has settled down much faster. I have now been referred to a rheumatologist, who I see in March as they suspect anklosing sponylitis?

I wanted to ask whether anybody else had a similar experience to the above and if so what helped them. Also I wondered where I might find further information regarding a low starch diet?

I also wondered whether there is a scientifically proven link between HLA B27 and Coeliac Disease

Many thanks in advance for your help


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Crikey Moodle, you really are having a time of it.

I'm O RH- too but am lucky in that repeated episodes of left eye uveitis ceased when I went gluten free. Isnt it brutal, savage and total agony ? I have seen it described in an ophthalmology journal as a "perfect pain".

As for AS, Im fortunate that I have no firsthand experience - and hope it turns out you dont either.

but have a look at


Ive been avoiding rice, potatoes etc but using beans, lentils and the like ( i.e. a low GI diet ). Looks like this is also a low starch diet.

Content on Kickas.org does suggest that HLAB27 is uncommon and that a significant number of people with AS are HLAB27. BUT that does not mean that everyone with HLAB27 has AS !

lots of ((((((doggy breath hugs))))))


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